Application to compute derivatives and integrals and plot the results

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Whether you are an undergraduate student or just a math geek, you will appreciate this application for calculating and plotting derivatives and integrals.

Where to find

You can install the application from Flathub.

You will find other cool stuff there too!

How to use


When you open the application, you will see three fields:

Simple operation

Put the function of interest in the main field. main field

Type in the variable in the second field (the operation will be done with it). variable field

Select between integration or differentiation (this is the default) and hit the Operate button! operation selection

If the operation variable is changed to y, then the differentiation of the last expression is zero because it is constant with respect to y. changing variable


The back-end of the application is made with SymPy. There are some interesting things like:

Plotting expressions

Not only can the application calculate derivatives and integrals, it can even plot the original expression and the displayed result! This only works with a univariable expression. If the expression is multivariable, consider substituting the variables that won’t be used with numerical fixed values.

After a result has been stored by the application, use the plot button. plot window

Choose a range, the colors of the lines or leave the configuration as it is. Hit the Plot button and voilà. In the example below, the graphic of sinusoidal functions. graphic of a function